People celebrate Easter with several kinds of festivities. Many go to church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. People also enjoy Easter egg hunts, giving their children Easter baskets, and gathering with family for a big meal. 

Eventually, though, these festivities come to an end. So, what are some other ways you can spend time with your family on Easter?

One suggestion is to take a photoshoot and have those memorable Easter moments custom framed! With its bright colors and family fun, Easter provides families with several moments to capture and develop

If that appeals to you, keep reading! The Frame Room will explore several Easter photo ideas in the guide below. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Photos of Children

Children are often the best part of a holiday. Kids take such joy in the festivities and special occasions. That's why they are the perfect subjects for an Easter photoshoot. 

There are several children's photo ideas for Easter that you can find online. We'll include some of these ideas in this section.

Candid Easter Photos

Some families go all out for Easter celebrations. They have games, special recipes, and gatherings to make the holiday memorable for children. These occasions give parents plenty of opportunities to take candid photos of children. 

All you have to do is keep your eyes open. What are some cute things you notice your child doing on Easter?

Maybe you want to capture their celebration of finding an Easter egg. Or, perhaps you catch them laughing with siblings or cousins over a game. Snap some pictures to commemorate these occasions!

Posing Kids with Easter Photo Props

Candid photos can be fun, but there's nothing wrong with posing kids for Easter pictures. Some popular options include posing kids with things like Easter baskets. Once they find all of their eggs from the hunt, take a picture of your child holding their basket.

Another popular choice is taking pictures of kids tasting a chocolate bunny. After all, chocolate bunnies are a staple of this holiday!

Finally, you can also get pictures of your children wearing bunny ear headbands. These headbands often scream cuteness and work especially well with young children.

Easter Family Photo Ideas

Taking pictures of your children is often a fun and consuming pastime. But, one day, your kids will want pictures of the entire family. You probably will, too. 

So, why not use Easter as your excuse to snap some family photos? Once again, we'll list some popular options in this section.

1.) Coloring Easter Eggs 

Your childhood isn't complete without dyeing Easter eggs. It's a fun time that lets the family make a craft and have some art. Maybe you even put on a classic Easter film like Ben-Hur while you dye the eggs.

These favorite traditions are always things that families want to look back on. So, consider using this time to capture some pictures. 

Maybe you can snap some candid photos of everybody while they work. Or, perhaps you can all pose for a picture with your completed eggs once you finish. All that matters is finding a way to capture this tradition in a way you enjoy.

2.) Wearing Flower Crowns

Flower crowns add a romantic touch to your photos and make excellent photo props. All you have to do is find a flower crown for every family member. 

Flower crowns complement almost any clothing. They also add a distinctive flair to your photo and showcase the spring season. 

Although flower crowns work well for full-family shots, they reach their peak with mother-daughter photos. Photographing a mother and her daughter(s) in their Easter dresses wearing these crowns makes for a breathtaking shot. 

3.) Add Pets to Easter Photos!

Pets are a part of the family like everybody else. So, why not include your furry friend in the festivities? 

There are several ways to arrange your family, including the household pets. Sometimes, children may hold the pet for the picture. In other cases, everybody may stand around the pet or include them on the side of the picture. 

Find the Best Easter Photo Backdrop for Your Easter Photo Ideas

Your family photos will naturally center around the members of your family. But people and props aren't the only things that make a picture. Consider the backdrop and how it will affect your photo, too. 

Several backdrops work well for Easter family photos. Read on to find some of the best options!

Church Backdrops

Many families attend church on Easter morning. If yours is one of them, why not use the building for a family photo backdrop?

Churches often have beautiful architecture and grounds that make them perfect for a scenic photo. So, line your family up in the best place for your picture. Maybe a fellow churchgoer can take it for you!

Some popular church locations for pictures include:

  • Sanctuary steps
  • Front yard crosses
  • Courtyards or gardens

Of course, churches aren't the only great spots for Easter backdrops. You can also use your house or a relative's home.

Family Homes

If you tend to stay home on Easter, why not use your house for a photoshoot? After all, it's probably the location you know best. 

One excellent house location for family pictures is a flower garden. Since Easter is the quintessential spring holiday, it's a perfect backdrop for family photos. It's also a beautiful backdrop for a picture with the flower crowns we mentioned before.

Alternatively, maybe you gather at a grandparent's home for an Easter celebration. If so, you can use these treasured locations to create an excellent backdrop. 

Find the Best Frame for Your Family Easter Photos

We hope some of these Easter photo ideas appealed to you! If so, we hope you'll take a photoshoot that you'll cherish for years to come. 

But don't take these pictures and leave them on your phone. Photoshoots like these deserve to be remembered. Instead, develop these photos and place them in the best frames possible. 

If you're not sure where to find frames, we can help! We offer several top-quality frames that are sure to meet your photoshoot needs. Check our stock to find the ones you need.

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