Wooden frames in different sizes

Did you know that photography was invented as early as 1826? Since then, people have loved taking pictures and keeping pictures in their homes to remind themselves of certain memories and people. However, if you want your photos to look truly stylish when sitting around your house, you'll have to choose some wood picture frames. 

Many people don't think that picking out a picture frame is all that important, but it can actually change the look and feel of your home's interior design. So, what kind of wood frames should you be looking for and how should you choose? Keep reading and learn more about choosing the best picture frames. 

Black Frames

A black wooden picture frame is perhaps the most classic choice of all frames. The great thing about black frames is that they go with just about everything. However, they go particularly well with black and white pictures. 

When choosing a wood picture frame, you will want to try and pick out a color from the picture itself to match the frame. Of course, it only makes sense to match a black frame with a black and white picture. The black frame will emphasize the depth of such a picture and make it far more striking and interesting to look at. 

There are several types of black frames to choose from. Some black frames may be glossy while others may be matte and so on. By choosing the right kind of frame, you can really bring out the personality and spark of your pictures. 

You can also use black frames to add a bit of contrast to the rest of your home decor. Since black is such a bold color, you can easily hang some black frames up on a pale-colored wall and add some more personality to the entire wall or room. However, in some cases, a black frame may be too bold. 

In that case, a white picture frame may be the better choice.

White Frames

White frames, by nature, are much milder than black frames but they can still be just as versatile. The key to a white frame is that white is a neutral shade, much like black. For that reason, white frames can also go with many types of pictures and types of home decor. 

Of course, white frames go well with black and white pictures but they also go very well with colored pictures or pictures with filters. The main benefit of a white picture frame is that it makes a space look more open. This is unlike black picture frames which, due to their bold shade, tend to feel like they take up more space in the house. 

The color black can also make the walls feel interrupted or cluttered if not used properly. However, you can rarely go wrong with white frames. White frames are very inoffensive to the eyes and they often blend in with the rest of the home decor.

So, if you have a small space that you don't want to feel cluttered or cramped, it is best to use white picture frames instead of black. Keep in mind, however, that white frames won't make much of a statement. 

Warm and Natural Wood Tones

Wood frames with warm and natural tones are, of course, very classic. The great thing about a natural wood frame is that it is very rustic and can add a lot of warmth and character to any place you put it. There is actually a wide selection of natural wood tones. 

For example, some types of natural wood may be a very dark brown while others may have a golden hue. Others may be slightly reddish and others may be paler or ashier. Whatever the case, it is virtually impossible to go wrong with natural wood tones for your picture frames. 

Natural wood tones are also very beautiful compared to simple white or black frames. While white and black frames are also very classic, they tend to have a minimalist feel and don't do much to provide warmth to your living space. Instead, they have a more formal feel. 

A more natural wood frame, on the other hand, is much warmer and provides an extra boost of color to wherever you put it. This kind of frame is perfect for rooms (or pictures) that don't have a lot of colors.

Just by using the delicate color of a wooden picture frame, you can spice up the environment significantly and avoid a minimalist or formal feel. And, as mentioned before, there are many natural tones to choose from, so you shouldn't have too much trouble picking the right frame for your home design and pictures. 

Weathered Frames

Now, if you want to go for a real rustic look, then weathered picture frames are the perfect solution. Weathered frames are designed in a way that makes it look like the wood has been damaged by wind and rain over years and years. It may look like the wood is chipping or splintering when, of course, in reality, it is a perfectly new frame. 

Weathered frames are ideal if you want to add a lot of personality and character to a certain room. They are also great if you like the weathered look in general. 

Choosing Wood Picture Frames

There are many wood picture frames to choose from. By making the right choice, you can make sure that your home decor is catchy and classic. Some of the best choices include black, white, natural, or weathered picture frames. 

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