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How to Hang Picture Frames Without Nails

Picture frames are a great way to show off your favorite memories and photos, but hanging them on the wall can be a hassle if you'll need to hammer in some nails on the wall. Hanging picture frames and other framed artwork with nails will leave permanent holes on your wall unless you have them patched and filled.

Luckily, there are some alternative ways to hang picture frames on your wall without the need for you to create unsightly holes on your wall. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some easy picture hanging techniques you can use if you want to skip out on using nails.

Attention: We do not recommend the hanging frames without nails method because these methods can fail and cause damage to your beautiful custom frame. Proceed with your own caution or contact us for more information.

Why should you skip the nails?

Nails can be quite destructive and can leave your walls with unwanted holes if not done correctly. Also, if you ever decide to switch up the arrangement of the room and transfer your frames from one wall to another, you'll be left with holes that you will need to patch and fill. Not to mention, the additional task of using a hammer or a drill to create holes on the wall can be quite stressful, especially for those who are not used to using these tools.

If you're renting, using nails to hang picture frames may not be the best option because your landlord may not appreciate the holes in the wall. Even if you own your home, there are other ways to hang picture frames without causing any damage to your walls.

How to Hang Picture Frames Without Nails?

Fortunately, there are some easy picture-hanging techniques you can use that do not require the use of nails or any sort of hammering on your walls.Whether you’re hanging simple family portraits, a jersey, or even a flag, here some quick and easy methods you can use for hanging your frames without nails:

Velcro Strips

One easy way to do it is by using adhesive Velcro strips. Cut two pieces of the Velcro strip, and attach one piece to the back of the picture frame and the other piece to the wall. Make sure that both surfaces are clean before attaching them so that the adhesive will stick better.

This picture-hanging method is very easy to use and it's also adjustable, which means you can move your frames around whenever you please simply by detaching one part of the velcro from the other. The only downside to this method is that the adhesive may not be as strong over time and the Velcro strip may deteriorate if you repeatedly stick them on and off. Make sure to use enough velcro strips to hold the picture frame in place securely, especially if you're hanging heavy picture frames.

If you find this to be the best option for you, you can check out this article discussing how to use Velcro strips to mount pictures on the wall from Velcro themselves.

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are one of the best things you can utilize if you want to hang picture frames on your walls. They can be easily installed and they don't leave any damage to your wall once you decide to take it down.

Hanging picture frames on a wall with adhesive hooks is easy and simple, but you have to make sure that the picture frame's wire or bracket hangs securely on the hook to avoid the picture from falling. You can also use adhesive hooks to hang other types of wall art such as tapestries, curtains, and even plants!

If you're looking for a good adhesive hook that is strong enough to hold your picture frames, we recommend checking out this article on the best adhesive hooks for hanging pictures.

Make sure to get adhesive hooks from reliable manufacturers like 3M so that you can be sure that they will safely hold your picture frames. 3M also has a tool on their website that allows you to shop for the perfect adhesive product according to your needs and your frame's weight.

Double-sided tape or Command Strips

Using double-sided tape is another great way to hang picture frames without damaging your walls. They are easy to use and can be attached to almost any surface. Double-sided tape is ideal for hanging light picture frames. If you're looking to mount heavier picture frames, it might be best to go with other alternatives like command strips to make sure that your picture frames are secure.

Command™ Picture Hanging Strips work similarly to double-sided tape. It also has adhesives on both sides and they don't leave noticeable marks on the wall. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are made specifically for hanging picture frames on the wall. The adhesive on these strips is very strong and they stick to surfaces very securely, which means that you can hang heavier frames and even shadowboxes safely. If you're simply hanging lightweight picture frames, then simple double-sided tape should do the job just fine.

Moulding Hooks on Picture Rails

Picture rails were originally used to hang picture frames and they still serve the same function today even though they're not as commonly found in homes as they used to be. Nowadays, they're often used just as a decorative feature in a room.

If your home has picture rails or dado rails, then you can use molding hooks to hang your picture frames.

Moulding hooks are small metal or plastic clips that grip the picture frame's moulding and hold it in place against the picture rail or dado rail. Moulding hooks are perfect for hanging larger and heavier picture frames on your wall since they don't rely heavily on adhesives. If you don't have picture rails, don't worry. Installing picture rails on your walls together with moulding hooks is a fairly easy task. All you have to do is find a picture rail that is the right size for your wall and then use a stud finder to mark the spots where you want to install the picture rails. Not only is this a great way to hang your pictures without damaging your walls, it also gives the room a nice, unique look.


Some things to consider before doing these things:

Make sure the surface you're mounting adhesives on is clean.

Adhesives can lose their sticking power if the surface is dirty or oily. Before you stick double-sided tape, adhesive hooks, or any type of adhesive to your wall, make sure to clean the surface well with a damp cloth. If your wall seems to be very dirty, you can wipe it with rubbing alcohol. A clean surface will help the adhesive stick better and will prevent it from coming off over time.

Measure your frames and mark where you'll be mounting them.

Before hanging your frames on the wall, mark where you'll be hanging them with a pencil and a ruler. You can use a level to make sure that your picture frames are hanging straight. You don't want to mount your frames on the wall and realize that it's uneven and you'll have to remove the adhesive materials from the wall and stick it back again. Remember, some of these adhesive mounting materials should not be reused, as the strength of the adhesive will deteriorate once you remove them.

Don't go over the weight limit

Most of these adhesive mounting materials have specified weight limits. Make sure to read the weight limits before using them, so you don't end up damaging your walls or picture frames. If you're not sure about the weight of your frame, you can simply stand on a bathroom scale and measure your weight, then take another measurement while you're holding the picture frame.


Picture frames are a great way to display your favorite photos and add personality to any room in your house. If you're looking for an easy, damage-free way to hang picture frames on your wall, then you can make use of the methods mentioned above. If you need pictures, documents, or other memorable things framed, you can get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to help. Framing is what we do best! If you found this article useful, you can read more of our articles on the blog.