The Peruvian Hat: a fragile, colorful, sequenced accessory coming out of hiding

The hat was from Peru and it was quite becoming. The customer owned the hat for some time and finally decided to properly display it for herself and for her new apartment. It was a very interesting hat, which had a black cap for the top of the head, covered in a myriad of colorful sequence and patterns surrounded by a faded reddish brim which was made of a feathery cotton material. The underside of the hat was a very soft material perfect for wearing hours on end or possibly for a traditional ceremony. The customer was keeping the hat in storage for some time and wanted to finally display it in a more fashionable/presentable way to show off its craftsmanship and to help preserve it from further deterioration. When it came to the design, the customer didn’t have any preconceived notions about color and feel, she just wanted it to look nice, simple, and complimentary to the colors and style of the patterns and design. 

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