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In Memoriam: A Horse Biddle, a shadowbox, and a bittersweet story

When the customer came in with what look like a small horse saddle, I started to get a little anxious and a bit worried about finding a substantial frame and the adequate materials for such an ambitious frame design. I was mostly concerned about the possibility of design complications, proper securement, debris collection, and feasible execution in a timely manner. I’ve framed many intricate, heavy, unconventional, and bulky objects in the past but nothing quite like this. When the customer set the small saddle down and asked if it was possible to frame it within a few weeks, I was immediately reticent and unsure if it could be done in a timely manner with quality materials and execution. But after some examination and asking a myriad of questions, it was becoming more and more clear that this saddle would be a good candidate for a shadowbox. 

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